1, 5, 20 minute powers

I’m sure it is displayed somewhere on the website but I can’t see it, is there anything from the results of my ramp test that shows the various powers for the various times?

I’ve just got a power meter want to know the block for pacing myself.

I’ve found the personal records graphs but wondered if there was a direct list of figures.

That is the only place to see that data in TR.

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Thanks! Saves me hunting every where!

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The structured trainerroad workouts don’t really give you good information on your max 1 minute and 5 minute power (and, now that the ramp test has mostly replaced the 20 minute FTP test, it doesn’t really do it for 20 minutes either). If you do turbo sessions that are not trainerrroad then you might have good information in the trainerroad personal records graph for those values.

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