Join us November 4th in San Francisco, CA for a live podcast recording with special guest Matt Fitzgerald!


The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast is going live with a deep dive into the psychological side of training and racing. Our special guest Matt Fitzgerald is a sports science researcher, renown author of How Bad Do You Want It and an expert on the psychological contribution to endurance sports performance.

If you can’t join us live at the Rapha Cycle Club, tune in right here to watch the live broadcast.

After the podcast, we’ll be leading a no-drop ride up to Mt. Tamalpais (weather pending) and back along the coastline to the clubhouse.

Saturday, November 4, 2017
9:00am – Podcast recording
10:30am – Group ride

Rapha Cycle Club San Francisco
2198 Filbert St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Fair Weather:

Poor Weather:

Please RSVP here to join us live Saturday, November 4 at the Rapha Cycle Club San Francisco.

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Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is a Level II USA certified cycling coach and the host of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. His background in the sport of motocross has translated into a passion for cycling, mountain biking and all things training. If you have a training question, submit your question for Jonathan to answer on the next episode of TrainerRoad’s podcast.