Ryan Cooper is the founder of Best Bike Split, Chief Scientist at Training Peaks, and an expert on all things aerodynamics and pacing. We met up with Ryan in Kona to discuss how to achieve perfect pacing, aerodynamic advantages in time trialing, and triathlon tactics.

Topics covered in this episode

  • How Ryan Cooper became an expert in TT pacing
  • Should you go hard or easy on climbs?
  • How to properly pace a time trial
  • What cyclists can learn from triathletes
  • Are bike changes in time trials a good idea?
  • How much faster one more watt and one less pound can make you
  • Which is better: lose weight, or gain power?
  • How to calculate the effect of elevation on aerodynamics and performance
  • Are deep wheels actually better on a climb?
  • When do aero helmets become worse than a standard helmet?
  • Are aero road bikes worth the weight?
  • How to beat the wind at Kona
  • Drafting rules and tactics in triathlon
  • How to use crosswinds to your advantage in triathlon
  • How to use your starting position to help you in TTs and triathlon
  • How pros pace differently than amateurs
  • How to pace the hills on Kona’s bike course
  • What intensity factor is best for a full or half IRONMAN?
  • One thing you can do to make the biggest aerodynamic gains

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