What muscle fiber type is best for cycling, how do you influence it, and how much of it is genetic? We’ll cover this as well as pro cyclist data and why many athletes don’t share it, how to race in dangerous circumstances and manage crashes and much more in Episode 316 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Jonathan’s learnings from National MTB National Championships 5:41
  • Nate is racing again! 39:04
  • Why pro cyclists don’t share data 42:47
  • A deep dive on muscle fiber composition for cyclists 54:11
  • Race-day focus tips 1:20:33
  • Publishing data insights from TrainerRoad’s data-set 1:23:52
  • Do gels replace aid stations? 1:29:16
  • Do recovery shakes get nullified by post-ride meals? 1:31:55
  • How to mitigate risk in criterium racing 1:46:08
  • How to avoid crashes in a criterium 1:52:23
  • Why are cyclists so susceptible to broken collarbones? 1:55:21
  • How to learn to crash safely 1:57:46

Resources mentioned in this episode

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Successful Athletes Podcast

Science of Getting Faster Podcast

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Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is a Level II USA certified cycling coach and the host of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. His background in the sport of motocross has translated into a passion for cycling, mountain biking and all things training. If you have a training question, submit your question for Jonathan to answer on the next episode of TrainerRoad’s podcast.