Is a higher cadence actually better, how is crank length affecting your power output, and cornering drills that make you faster. All of this and more in Episode 129 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

Topics covered in this episode

  • How Cyclists Can Avoid Losing Fitness While Traveling
  • Is a higher cadence actually better?
  • Cadence myths busted
  • How to adjust your training as a parent
  • How to balance life with training
  • Cornering drills to make you a better bike handler
  • Do rollers make you a better bike handler?
  • Your guide to proper line choice for cycling
  • What is the difference between Normalized and Average Power?
  • Is it normal to see higher Normalized Power than Average Power?
  • What does Variability Index mean?
  • How to use VI for pacing
  • Are cooldowns necessary?
  • What effect cooldowns have on your body
  • How does crank length actually affect power output?
  • Are longer cranks better?
  • Why you should consider short cranks for off-road riding

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