There are a ton of equipment combos you can use to get started training with power.

While some setups are more popular than others (check out the three most popular indoor training setups among TrainerRoad users), more often than not the equipment you already have, or are looking to invest in, is exactly what you need to start structured indoor power-based training.

How to Check Your Equipment

When it comes to trainers, power meters, and speed sensors, there are lot of options out there. The easiest way to find out if your indoor training equipment works with TrainerRoad is to use the Equipment Checker. Simply choose your desired setup to discover everything you need to train with power on TrainerRoad.

Visit the Equipment Checker

Three Ways to Train with Power

As an overview, with TrainerRoad you have three different options to train indoors with power. Here’s the breakdown on each:

Training with a Power Meter

The first equipment setup option is a power meter and an indoor trainer. Power meters provide accurate, consistent power readings for your indoor training. A big plus with power meters is the ability to use them outdoors as well.

If your power meter can connect via Bluetooth or ANT+, you can use it with TrainerRoad. Most commonly, power meters are either crank arm-based, hub-based, crankset-based or pedal-based. You can use magnetic, fluid or electronic smart trainers in conjunction with your power meter to perform indoor structured training.

Note: If you’re using a power meter and a smart trainer, use PowerMatch to use your power meter to control the resistance on your trainer.

Training with a Smart trainer

The second indoor training option is to use a smart trainer because it can provide power readings. Connected over Bluetooth or ANT+, TrainerRoad will automatically control the resistance of your smart trainer according to the demands of your workout goals.

Electronic smart trainers, in combination with TrainerRoad, provide the ultimate indoor training experience. By controlling the resistance of your trainer, we’ll make sure you’re reaching all your power targets for exceptionally effective training.

Training with VirtualPower®

The final and most affordable equipment combination you can use is a speed sensor and an indoor trainer. By connecting your Bluetooth or ANT+ speed sensor, TrainerRoad matches your trainer’s unique power curve to your speed to give you VirtualPower data on the fly.

TrainerRoad supports a wide range of magnetic and fluid indoor trainers for VirtualPower. If we have your trainer’s power curve, you can use your speed sensor to perform your power based workouts.

Other sensors

If you have a Bluetooth or ANT+ heart rate monitor and/or cadence sensor, connect those to TrainerRoad as well to visualize and analyze those metrics on your training interface.

In Closing

Whether it’s with a power meter, smart trainer, or VirtualPower, use the Equipment Checker to make sure you have what you need to start getting faster with TrainerRoad.