A discussion on cyclocross, road enduro, block periodization, heart rate, nutrition and more, all in Episode 176 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

More show notes and discussion in the TrainerRoad Forum.

Topics covered in this episode

  • New TrainerRoad Forum ( Forum.TrainerRoad.com )
  • TrainerRoad kits now available!
  • New TrainerRoad Calendar
  • TrainerRoad Pricing Updates
  • Peter Stetina’s Sierra Prospect
  • Best tires for grass cyclocross courses
  • Why starts don’t always matter in cyclocross racing
  • Ride with the coaches in Kona!
  • When should you not train in the aero position
  • How to peak twice in one year
  • What is block periodization, and how should you use it?
  • Should you skip pedaling drills?
  • Why your heart rate stays high after a hard start
  • How to fuel early morning workouts
  • Do support crews make racing unfair?

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