Precision Hydration’s Andy Blow joins the podcast this week to discuss all things hydration, including dealing with muscle cramps, balancing your sodium levels, women’s specific hydration and more in Episode 260 of The Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • About Andy Blow and How Precision Hydration started
  • How to increase your sweat rate if needed for your event
  • Properly loading your body with sodium and electrolytes before an event
  • How much salt an athlete should be getting in their diet
  • What do the salt stains on your clothes after exercise mean?
  • Sodium and hydration requirement differences for indoor vs outdoor workouts
  • The effect of dousing yourself with water during exercise
  • Why do cramps happen and what we can do to prevent them
  • The role of sodium in cramping
  • Women’s specific practices for proper hydration

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Full Transcription of Podcast

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