Alison Tetrick known as the Queen of Kanza and one of the best endurance racers in the world. We discussed everything from Dirty Kanza strategy to rebounding from traumatic accidents in the latest episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast. Tune in now!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • What sports Alison did as a kid
  • How Alison got into endurance sports
  • Why Alison transitioned from triathlon to cycling
  • How to stay motivated to train and race as you get older
  • What caused Alison to transition from road racing to gravel
  • The psychology behind an athlete
  • Did researching psychology change Alison’s approach to training?
  • How to get into the sweet spot suffering state
  • What differences were there in training for road vs gravel racing
  • Do you have to replicate the distance of a long race before the race itself?
  • How technical can you get with gravel racing equipment?
  • Tips and Tricks for Dirty Kanza
  • How to pace Dirty Kanza
  • Common mistakes that Alison sees people do at Kanza
  • How to deal with cramping on a long distance race
  • Advice for gravel world champs
  • How a woman’s menstrual cycle affects training and how to manage it
  • Why Alison gravitated to long distance racing
  • What’s keeping Alison motivated

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