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Turning speed into power at a fraction of the cost!

While you’re focused on training hard, TrainerRoad’s VirtualPower feature is using speed to calculate power output in real time. Now, you can become a better cyclist and track your results. It’s that simple, and to be honest, it’s changing the way you train indoors.

Repeatable Power

VirtualPower provides consistent training data every time.


You don’t have to spend hundreds on a power meter.

Simple Setup

All you need is a speed sensor and supported trainer.

How Does VirtualPower Work?

When you pedal, you spin your rear wheel. The faster your rear wheel spins, the more watts are produced. Connect a speed sensor to TrainerRoad and select a trainer, and you’ve just turned your performance effort into power. We know – it’s a big deal.

Speed Sensor

VirtualPower applies the speed readings it gets from a speed sensor to your trainer’s unique power curve. By doing so, you now have a new way to measure power indoors – without the cost of a power meter.

Power Curve

A trainer’s power curve is its unique representation of what speed you need to create a specific amount of power. Each power curve is different – so naturally, VirtualPower supports one for nearly every trainer on the market.

What Affects VirtualPower?

When using VirtualPower, at some point you’re bound to ask yourself: Is this accurate compared to a power meter? Consistency is the most important factor when using VirtualPower to become a better cyclist. While VirtualPower data may vary between power-meter data, training with a consistent setup still gives you consistent data.

That being said, there is one factor that can cause your VirtualPower data to be inconsistent from one ride to the next – rolling resistance. Rolling resistance has two components: Trainer Pressure and Tire Pressure. By keeping these consistent and using the same power curve from workout to workout, your results will be comparable. Plus, you’ll be able to track your results as you improve.

Trainer Pressure

The term Trainer Pressure refers to the pressure between your trainer and the rear tire. When that pressure changes between workouts while using the same power curve, power readings become inconsistent.

Tire Pressure

When your tire pressure fluctuates, the resistance between your trainer and rear tire changes as well. Thus, any variation in tire pressure affects VirtualPower readings.

Does your trainer work with VirtualPower?

We have power curves for the world's top trainer brands. Start with your manufacturer to see if your trainer is supported.

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Highly effective and easy-to-use power-based training software. Perhaps the best US$12 you can spend on getting faster.
Date published: 11/17/2014
5 / 5 stars