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Recommended Setups

Getting faster with TrainerRoad is simple. There are three different setups depending on how you plan to train and price point.


Get the benefits of indoor power-based interval training without the cost by using your speed sensor with VirtualPower™. Train with real-time power data and easy to follow, structured workouts.

Learn more about VirtualPower™

Power Meter

Get Faster with your power meter and structured interval training using the TrainerRoad app. Follow power-based interval workouts inside on the trainer, and take your workouts outside on your Hammerhead, Wahoo, or Garmin head unit.

Learn more about power meters

Smart Trainer

Nail your inside workouts with precision using automatic resistance control on your smart trainer and the TrainerRoad app. If you also have a power meter on your bike, use it to control your smart trainer with the advanced algorithm of PowerMatch 2.0, exclusively from TrainerRoad.

Learn more about smart trainers