Smart Trainer

Nail every interval with perfect precision using automatic resistance control.

Ultimate Control

Use automatic resistance control (ERG Mode) to precisely hit your targets every time, or switch trainer modes on the fly to emulate a standard trainer.

Lower Cognitive Load

Let your trainer handle interval precision so you can focus on your power and whatever entertainment you want while you train.


Get consistent data inside and out. Pair your power meter and smart trainer with TrainerRoad to control the resistance of your trainer with your power meter.

How Does it Stack Up?

With three ways to train with power, you have plenty of options. Smart trainers give you the ultimate indoor training experience and deliver the benefits of power-based training.

Power Meter
Smart Trainer





Precise Power Readings

Structured Workouts

Indoor Training

Outdoor Training

Compare Data with Others

Automatic Trainer Resistance

How Smart Trainers Work

Smart trainers automatically adjust resistance to make your training more precise. By measuring your speed and force much like a power meter, smart trainers keep you in line with your power target and let you focus on what matters most.

Supported Smart Trainers

Select your smart trainer’s manufacturer and model to see if it's supported.

Your trainer is supported without ERG Mode!

Learn about ERG Mode.