Triathlon Training Plans

Raise the bar with customized training to improve your swim, your ride, and your run. TrainerRoad’s Triathlon Training Plans offer complete and effective training for events of every distance.

Plans for Every Triathlete

Nail your swim, bike and run splits with science-based triathlon training plans designed to make you faster.


Structured & Effective

Make your hard work pay off with science-based, structured interval workouts for Sprint, Olympic, Half- and Full-Distance triathlons.


Personalized to You

Create your custom training plan for your targeted road race with Plan Builder. Customize your calendar further by adding races and non-cycling training.


No Guesswork

Get the exact workout you need when you need it. Plus, access training summaries, in-workout instructions, and more to keep you on track.

Unique Set of Skills

As the ultimate test of strength and endurance, triathlons require a unique form of preparation: the ability to compete in three separate disciplines one after the other. TrainerRoad’s comprehensive triathlon training plans improve your swim, bike and run splits to help you win.