Zwift via Strava and TrainerRoad

Is it possible not to end up with a duplicate Stava entry when you do a TrainerRoad workout whilst also riding on Zwift. I currently manually delete the TrainerRoad entry on Zwift

Sometimes I ride on Zwift without using TrainerRoad and visa versa so dont want to turn off the sync everytime.

Not really. Assuming that you want TR to import your outside rides via Strava, that is a 2-way connection only and always. Here is my order of ops to deal with it:

  1. I finish the ride in TR. (It uploads to Strava.)
  2. I manually delete the TR ride from Strava.
  3. I finish and close the ride in Z. (It uploads to Strava.)

This can and does need repeated if you are also using Training Peaks, because it has the same issue.

Only TrainerRoad does a good job watching for and preventing duplicates.

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Strava doesn’t allow duplicate entries AFAIK.
The best way to be sure is to test the various combinations.

Strava does not compare when the data comes from 2 difference sources.

When you have it coming from Zwift and TR, you can and often will have duplicates. Some conditions exist that may prevent the duplication, but it seems inconsistent in my experience.

I see that I am disagreeing with @mcneese.chad. However I am certain that Strava that it does not allow duplicate Garmin entries to be loaded.
I think it might be the same for apps but I am not certain.

However I do recommend that the user tests it out

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That agrees with my comment above… “Strava does not compare when the data comes from 2 difference sources”.

Strava will not allow a duplicate entry from the same source, in my experience (aka the Garmin in your example).

The issue here is that Strava sees the file from Zwift and from TR as 2 separate workouts, in most cases.

I also said it’s inconsistent and you may get different results for a variety of reasons.

I would just discard the zwift workout instead of saving it when I was running both briefly during a zwift trial. It doesn’t affect your leveling up or anything else and segment times etc aren’t really going to matter if TR was controlling your workout anyway.

Like above, I just discard one or the other - Zwift ride, or TR ride. The power data and TSS are identical when checking TR workout and imported Zwift workout on TR dashboard.

Resurrecting this thread.

The last couple of days Strava seems to be only displaying the Trainerroad Workout and not the Zwift workout. Does anyone know if Strava has got clever and nows deletes duplicates?

Strava DOES identify my zwift ride as a duplicate 99.99% of the time. Only the Trainerroad workout is uploaded. That works when I let the TR workout finish before ending the Zwift ride and it doesn’t really even matter if I keep riding zwift or not, it will see the ride as a duplicate. I think it has more to do with the start time than the end time because If I start the zwift ride before loading the TR workout, I’ll see the duplicate.