Running TR and zwift concurrently, but only one uploads to strava?

running TR on google pixel connected to tacx trainer + HR monitor.

running zwift on windows laptop connected to 4iiii power meter.

finish both at the same time, but only one goes to strava? seems to be on whichever gets uploaded first.

today, i was doing this on my phone and i guess the TR app restarted in the background, so app ended my workout, but I finished it on zwift and the zwift ride won’t upload to strava.

oddly, it does upload both to garmin connect?

i’ve tried disconnect/reconnect strava from TR. any other ideas?

What is your ultimate goal?

AFAIK, Strava and TR are both looking to prevent duplicate ride uploads generally speaking. So unless you start them a some point far enough apart, they will only take the first one uploaded.

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In my experience you’re correct that what shows up on strava is whatever uploaded first. That’s usually TR since it uploads immediately as the timer hits zero. I keep the Zwift rides on my strava so I’ll let TR upload, then delete it quickly, then end my ride on zwift and it’ll upload to Strava.

Did nothing end up going to strava since TR quit mid ride? Or what’s the issue you’re trying to solve? If nothing uploaded, you can go to either zwift or trainerroad and download the .fit file and manually upload it.

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had the issue occur with me before and contacted strava to ask what happened.

long story short - because both items had the same stop time strava only recognized one of the uploads (in this case the one from my edge). to see the result on strava, i had to delete the one that uploaded and redid the sync which pushed the TR activity to strava.

since then i’ve made sure to start/stop them a few seconds apart

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I am curious why people would want duplicate workout/ride data in Strava?


Double the milage = faster to yearly goal? :rofl:


I have seen clear examples of people using it for just that reason. Maybe there is something deeper, but I just don’t see the benefit to doubles.

I manage mine as mentioned above:

  • Strava gets Zwift rides & outside rides (TR rides deleted)
  • TR gets TR workouts & outside rides (Z ignored since TR files exist)

Possibly to compare power numbers from two devices, but there are other/better ways to do that IMO.

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Indeed, is one possible way to get the initial files. But you are dead right that there are better ways to do that if/when needed. I’d expect that is a rarity of doing that type of data pull/comparison vs day to day.

This was the main reason

Just record the second power source on your head unit/phone and use excel or Zwiftpower’s dual recording analysis tool to achieve that in a more effective way, IMO


Shoot, I could have done the Rapha 500 after all :joy:

Would prefer to have zwift rides on Strava, so will go with the recommendation to delete TR ride from Strava, then finish zwift ride.

Deleting TR ride from Strava shouldn’t affect it on the TR platform right?

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Nope it wont but couldn’t you just change you TR sync settings so TR rides aren’t pushed to Strava in the first place.

Edit: reading your first post again, you probably would have to disable your TR sync to Garmin too. TR will be syncing to GC, which in turn will be syncing to Strava, and if that gets there before Zwift only TR ride (which has went through GC) shows there.

that’s exactly what I’m doing these days. Suspiciously organised Zwift riding! :smiley:

Oh Ps if you’re trying to compare power meters you’re going to want to turn off power match, (or not pair both on TR) if one of them is your turbo.

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That’s fine if you’re only pushing workouts from TR to Strava, but as far as I remember (and I haven’t looked at it in quite a while, so could be wrong) there’s not the options to have other rides pulled from Strava into TR, but not push TR workouts to Strava.

I think you are right, it just takes all or nothing. Workouts and other rides are treated equally and the OP probably doesn’t want to reconnect the strava/GC - TR for every other ride to only have to disable it again for workouts. Deleting is probably easier.
As an aside I set everything in Strava to upload as private initially before deleting/ editing (combining split files, removing power spikes etc) that I want to be seen by followers.