Trainer Road/Zwift upload to Strava

I’m one that does appreciate the distraction the Zwift experience provides, but I’ve recently joined TrainerRoad and so far am preferring the workout structure provided by TR. I have been dual wielding TR and Zwift and everything works great on my PC with two ANT+ USB dongles.

One surprising feature of Strava that I was wondering if anyone else experienced or knew about is that Strava seems smart enough NOT to upload both the TR ride and the Zwift ride. It seems to pick the first to upload and ignores the second during the same time period. To me, that is a great feature because it would be annoying to constantly be deleting one or the other so I’m happy with this. Has anyone else noticed this? I would have thought both would be uploaded.

I think Strava looks at ride start time and duration to determine if two rides are the same. Often Strava does as you describe, but consider this case.

I do the Ramp Test followed by something like Carter or Taku under a single Zwift session.

  • The Zwift ride and Ramp Test start at the* same time, but the Zwift ride is much longer than the Ramp Test.
  • The second workout starts after the Zwift ride (by 20-ish minutes) and is shorter than the Zwift ride.
  • Strava ends up with two TR rides and a Zwift ride.

I’ve also seen other cases where TR and Zwift rides both show up in Strava when I had some kind of desync between the two rides.

This is exactly right. Strava, and our Calendar in TrainerRoad, both look at start times and duration to determine where there may be a duplicate workout being uploaded. It can become even more complex when users also record their rides on a head unit like a Garmin, then that gets uploaded to Garmin Connect or TrainingPeaks, and those services are synced as well.

There’s quite a bit of logic that goes into developing all of this, so we’re glad you noticed! :smile:

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Huh. Mine uploads both Trainerroad and Zwift. If I use a speed sensor with TR it will roughly double my distance.