TrainerRoad, Zwift & Strava Syncing (Which recorded workout to keep?)

Similar to others, I like to utilize TrainerRoad’s workout plans alongside Zwift for the in-ride entertainment. The issue is both Zwift and TrainerRoad publish to Strava, resulting in multiple workouts. I prefer to keep the Zwift data due to accuracy in mileage pertaining to that course, strava segments, etc. Therefore I’ve decided to delete the TrainerRoad Strava instance, however that in turn removes the association with that TR workout being completed, and mark’s it incomplete. I’ve resorted to uploadiing the .gpx file of the Zwift file into TrainerRoad and manually associating it to that workout, which works - however that’s an additional manual step I’d prefer not to do.

  1. Are there any other best practices around this?
  2. Most importantly, Does using Zwift Ride data vs the TrainerRoad workout data lose any intrinsic data required for TrainerRoad AI to be fully effective? (Ie. losing the interval data)

My default Strava upload is set to private and then I delete the one I don’t want before making the other public. If I record on TR and RGT its usually the RGT one I keep and the TR strava ride I delete. The TR ride syncs automatically to the TR web site too, so I have not lost the TR analytics.

Or do as an older member of our club does and keep them all and accept all the praise for riding 20,000kms a year :rofl:

No-one has ever had the heart to mention it to him. :heart:


Maybe try marking your training sessions as outside in trainer road?

I haven’t dual recorded with Zwift for a while, but I do dual record with my Garmin 530 - iirc TrainerRoad will recognise them both starting at the same time, so doesn’t double count. Both TrainerRoad and Garmin sync to Strava, and I delete the 530 one from Strava (unless I’ve failed a workout :wink: ) I save TrainerRoad first and then Garmin.

For AI FTP, it won’t matter, but my understanding not marking complete and doing the survey will affect Adaptive Training?

I dual record with Garmin (best way to ensure vitality points and get free stuff) and use TR and Zwift, All workouts I record on my Garmin, so when linking TR to Strava, i have disabled the upload workouts, so it doesn’t upload workouts to strava, only reads (last check box)

I have done the same to Zwift, so the only workout that makes it into strava is the Garmin one, no duplicate records to delete

Of course if you don’t record on Garmin, you could set Zwift to upload to Strave, and TR not, and you would still only have one workout in Strava, and no need for deleting records, or vice verse if you feel the need to show everybody your PL

Here’s what I do.
Save the TR workout first then go to Strava, delete the TR upload.
Go back to Zwift save the activity.
TR keeps its data, Strava has the Zwift stuff!

That’s actually what I’ve done. Made them outdoor rides and pushed it to my Wahoo Bolt. After the ride, the bolt uploaded to Strava and Trainer Road Marking the ride completed. However, when deleting that Strava TR instance, it removes the completed workout from my TR calendar. I was then forced to manually upload the Zwift ride in order to get any credit for the completed ride in TR.

For me, when I Deleted the TR ride in Strava, it marked my workout on the TR calendar incomplete. That ride needed to exist in Strava.

It seems like I am in the minority here, but I only have TrainerRoad upload to Strava. I do usually have Zwift running as a distraction but dont care to upload it to Strava

First of all, both rides should not be uploading to Strava. TR and Strava have anti-dupe logic to attempt to prevent this. If that isn’t working for you, then you may need to try to understand why that is to prevent you from having to delete one every time. Every once in a while, one gets by the goalie, so it’s not perfect, but it’s only missed the duplicate a few times in hundreds of attempts for me.

The issue still remains because you need to decide which one you want to keep and if relying on the anti-dupe logic, that is the one that you want to upload first. I personally go with the TR workout. It’s more intuitive to end the workout first than exit Zwift first. Also, the distance isn’t important to me and TR has improved the accuracy of the distance calculation so it is close enough for my purposes. I ride enough Zwift without TR that I get plenty of Zwift uploads as well, but when I do a workout, I want to be able to tell without having to modify the ride name or some other indicator.

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Good points. Regarding the Anti-dupe, my guess is that this slipped by due to this disparity in mileage between TR and the Zwift Workout. I did a 22 Mile Zwift Route and TrainerRoad (via Outdoor Mode on a Wahoo Bolt) estimated 31 miles. Although same ride duration the large gap in mileage is most likely the cause.

Does using the zwift upload negate any benefits if the TR software? Or is only personal preference at that point?

Go into your TR Account Settings and look at your Strava Sync settings. If you set Virtual speed and distance, it should provide a closer estimate of distance than “Device.” I would expect them to be a mile apart, not 9 miles apart unless you were going up the Alpe a couple times or something along those lines. But even with that, I ride the Alpe myself on most workouts and the estimated distance is close enough for the anti-dupe logic to capture. I think it probably looks at start time more than ride distance/duration, but I can say that times where I forgot to exit Zwift and then did so later were some of the times when the extra Zwift ride got reloaded.

If I’m using both TR and Zwift concurrently for a workout, I’ll upload both. Since my settings in Strava are initially private on Strava, I’ll delete the TR one and publish the Zwift.

In TR, the TR workout will be the one that counts for analytics, but say I ride extra on Zwift, maybe to get an extra badge, or extra XP points for milage, then I’ll use Garmin FIT tools, and edit segments of that ride and upload them into TR’s platform. That way I’ll get the TSS information from the extra bit that I rode.

Finally, I use Intervals ICU, so that ride will be the Zwift one that gets tracked.

Although a little more work - I like this method a lot, thanks for the suggestion.

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Hey there! It sounds like the issue is coming from recording the ride on your Wahoo. Wahoo files sync to TR via Strava, so you’re correct in saying that the TR ride from your Wahoo must exist in Strava for it to appear in TR as Wahoo does not sync directly to TR. Once that ride is deleted from Strava, there is nothing left to actually sync to and appear on TR.

If possible, we’d recommend running the TR app on an alternative device you may have. This could be, for example, a phone or tablet to run the TR app if you’re using a laptop to run Zwift. That way, your TR workout will be recorded and saved in the TR app itself – no need for any third-party syncing!

The following article from DC Rainmaker is our go-to reference for running TR and Zwift simultaneously:

As for the ride data, nothing will be lost or missing, regardless of the data file you decide to use. This will matter for your Progression Levels if the file you upload is not associated with a TR workout – in such a case, the ride will be marked as “unplanned” unless you match it with the “incomplete” TR workout on your Calendar. Once the ride is matched with the TR workout you completed, Adaptive Training will take care of the rest.

In the case of AI FTP Detection, all that matters is that there is power data present to be analyzed. In other words, AI FTP Detection won’t “care” where the data is coming from – as long as it is there!

Hopefully this helps clear things up! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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