Strava dupe checking failing lately

Anyone else notice that Strava’s dupe checking sucks right now when doing a workout in TrainerRoad with Zwift running? I let the Trainerroad workout save first, but seems like the Zwift ride always uploads also. Only started doing that in the past few weeks.

No Zwift duplicates landing on my TR calendar as of last Sunday and before.

I close TR first, delete the TR ride from Strava, then close Zwift last.

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Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was just assuming everyone knew my workflow already. The duplicates are showing up in Strava, not TR. The TR calendar is fine.

So this is a Strava problem, not a TR or Z app one?

It’s been borked for months for me. I routinely run Zwift+TR, and previously whichever uploaded first won, and the other didn’t show up. Now I have to delete one of them.


I guess that might be so. Let me update the subject

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I have noticed this. And they want me to give them four Andrew Jacksons.

I don’t run both very often any longer but I noticed the same thing and had to start deleting the Zwift entry manually.

I just don’t save the Zwift ride at all. It goes right into the garbage.

I just set everything to upload to Strava in private. I dual record in case one fails but in the likely event they haven’t I’ll just delete one and make the other ride public. Its similar when I accidentally press save on the garmin and get multiple rides, they upload as private, I then combine them and make that one ride public.

This comment from support explains it. I’m sure you can all see having an exact same start time on both apps/devices is virtually impossible.

Marc (Help Center)

Feb 9, 2024, 5:21 PM MST

Hello Russell,

Thank you for reaching out to Strava. We changed the logic for our duplicate upload filter a few months ago so our server is now looking only at the start date data point of the file to pull the starting date and time of your activity. If your 2 files do not have the exact same starting date and time for the first Start_date data point then the second file will not be blocked as a duplicate as we had previously.

Our previous logic had to be updated due to other issues and this new logic does not always prevent uploads for activities recorded on multiple devices simultaneously since it is pretty hard to ensure that you are starting them at the exact same time down to the second in UTC.

If you continue to record on multiple apps for your virtual rides the best course of action is to go in after they sync and either set one to private or delete it if you only want one version of your activity on Strava.

If you have any feedback on these changes then you can email them to me and I am happy to forward them to our team.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thanks in advance,
Strava Support