Zwift to no longer support older OS

Zwift is no longer going to work with older OS across iOS, Windows and Android when the new update drops. Don’t think this will really impact too many people (is anyone still using Windows 8?) but you never know.

From the article, dates MS/Apple/Google dropped support:

Windows 7 – support ended January 2020
Windows 8 – support ended January 2016
Windows 8.1 – support ended January 2018
MacOSX 10.11 – support ended October 2019
iOS 11 – support ended September 2018 (when iOS 12 was released)
Android 6 – support ended October 2016 (when Android 7 was released)


Yeah, it’s hard to get upset about this. I understand they are trying to be inclusive and get people into the platform, but you can’t support everything. I’d love to see some data on how many users per OS they have.

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It sure seems like they could even be a LOT more aggressive with the pruning support for older platforms and have the platform actually work on a smaller sampling of mass market modern devices. I have a current macbook pro that the bluetooth works for TR but zwift sees nothing unless i use an ANT dongle. I have a pixel 2 and a pixel 6, the current flagship of one of the 3 major phone makers, and neither device can see any of my things in zwift but work fine in TR, garmin, etc. Apple TV only supports 2 devices. If you had a non tech friend who wanted to try zwift, I have literally no idea what I would tell them to use. ipad maybe? You dont really want to start them out of the gate on TR. It feels too hardcore till they get the bug. You need a gateway drug.

If it means you have to end support for android 6, 7 and 8 but that you can actually have fully functional software on current gen iphone, samsung, google phones, windows 10, and macos 11 you will cover most of your user base, wont you? Do that many people playing video games on $3000 bikes, with a $1000 trainer have phones older than 5 years? Doubt it. Do people quit the platform in rage because it does not work on the most common modern hardware? Ayup.

So I am one of the individuals that will be affected by the above mentioned rollout. I don’t like it but it for me is an issue of I have only bought new tech because old tech is no longer supported. Personally, I have a hard time buying something new when my current tech works and has no issues. My current PC is 8 years old and runs Windows 7 so after the 1.21 update it will be unavailable and I have to say I am pretty mad that I am going to have to shell out 200, 300 or more dollars to buy a new laptop that will meet the requirements on a platform that I am already paying $15 bucks a month to use.

I understand some don’t see things my way but I work in the electronics industry and if most people knew how toxic environmentally speaking it is to make new electronics that most Americans just throw away we might be a bit more understanding about upgrading somebody out of the use of a product. Again this is just my view point. I will be buying a new PC or laptop to run it so either way I will be good to go.

This doesn’t work for everyone, but I turn old computer tech into ‘new again’ tech by installing Linux on it.

  • It’s possible to upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 for free. I found it via google search, on the usual sites like CNet & ZDNet for full instructions. I did it on 2 old PC’s with great success.


Thank you I am on a work station but will look into that when I get home. This PC only is used for TR and Zwift well that and bill payments. Wish I didn’t have to do that.

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