TrainerRoad + Zwift on separate iOS devices (at the same time)

I’ve seen plenty of posts about getting TR and Zwift working on a Laptop + iOS at the same time but nothing addressing two iOS devices (although maybe I haven’t waded deep enough).

I have access to:

Tacx Flux S, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPad Air, Garmin 735, I thought I had one of the Garmin dual HRM but on closer inspection the seller sold me something else. So I’m in the market for a new HRM as well.

Ideally I’d like to run my workout from TR with HR, but then get my watts out into Zwift so I have something to look at.

What do I need to buy to make this happen? Bonus points if it gets my garmin footpod talking to the iPhone for Zwift running as well :slight_smile:

I an no Apple wiz, so I hope someone with more knowledge can pop in to help. But your main limitation comes from the fact that Apple mobile devices only support Bluetooth natively.

As such, any device paired to Bluetooth will be unavailable to share data with other devices. It’s one of the key features/limits to BLE.

What is needed is that each device you want to use must be able to broadcast BLE and ANT+ simultaneously. Then you need to get an ANT+ reciever (Wahoo offers/offered one) for one of your Apple devices, and have that one receive the ANT+ signals.

Issues come from the Wahoo ANT+ key being the old 30-pin design, so you need to add a converter. Then I seem to remember some potential issues with OS versions removing the related function.

Again, this is all from memory and may be off. Hopefully someone with more Apple info can fill in the blanks or correct my mistakes.

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I think I might have found the answer, a 4iiii HRM as that will take the ANT+ Signal and repeat it as BLE.

Will report back if it does everything I want it to :slight_smile:

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i have not been using zwift for a couple of months but used to run TR on my iphone or old ipad with a ANT+ dongle and connect power, HR and trainer to that. I would then use bluetooth on a newer ipad with zwift making sure that only the power numbers would be displayed and zwift was unable to control the trainer.

It seems like other apps are ditching ANT+ so not sure this will continue to work forever.

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Haven’t used it in a year… back then I was using Wahoo ANT+ key with Apple 30-pin-to-Lightning on and iPhone 7 and it was working with both Zwift and TrainerRoad. There was a short time after buying my Kickr in November 2017 that Zwift dropped ANT+ support from the iOS app, but then it was added back. Not sure of current status, I switched to Bluetooth.

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You would need a way to connect to one of the IOS devices via ANT+

Then you could do

Device1 (BLE): Connect to Zwift and use the trainer for Power and Cadence
Device2 (Ant+): Connect to TR and use trainer for Controllable, Power, Cadence and use HRM for HR

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