Problems installing Zwift

So I had to wipe and reboot the old laptop (MS Surface Pro 3) I use to run Zwift (TR is done via iPad and BT). That happened in November and it worked fine after the reboot.

But with the most recent Zwift update, I can’t get Zwift to run…i get a message saying the .NET framework is preventing it from running.

The exact message is:

The .NET framework 4.7.2 is not supported on this operating system

I have no problem running Zwift on my current work laptop, both of which are running Windows10 as the operating system.

Anyone run into this issue or have any suggestions on how to fix it?

One other point…Zwift is installed, it just won’t launch when I click on it.

Quick guess, you are missing some updates, you can download 4.7.2 directly, but first I’d make sre the device is up to date

(windows update)

Hasn’t Zwift turned off older OS computers, as in Zwift will no longer work? I have no idea how old or new a Surface 3 is but as I understood it anything Win 8 or lower was a goner…

As I read the error message I am getting, it seems that I need to REMOVE 4.7.2, not install it? It says my OS does not support it, but I can’t find where to uninstall it (not listed in the Apps / Programs section in Settings)

This laptop has always run Windows 10.

I think the Os is current on updates, but will double check. I just had to basically reinstall it after it crashed in November.

Curious if & how you resolved this issue. I have the same problem. Any advice appreciated, thanks.

Sorry, no…I kinda gave up on it and haven’t looked for any resolutions.

Let me know if you come up with anything, though!

Win10 and Win11 have a pkg mgr, winget

For everything you have installed:

winget upgrade --all

Zwift is also in the repo so if Zwift only:

winget upgrade Zwift

Dependencies should get installed/updated as well.

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Is that English? :rofl:

I have no idea what any of that means, or how to check things as a result of the info.

Ha. Open up a cmd prompt (CLI) and type or copy paste the command. I promise it’s safe :innocent: