Broken Windows Native Bluetooth?

Native Windows Bluetooth was working great on my Microsoft Surface with Windows 10 and then it stopped working in both TR and Zwift. Then I got the following email from Zwift:

Heads up!

If you’ve updated the device you use to Zwift with the [latest Windows 10 update](version 1903), then you may experience a broken Bluetooth connection.

Some Bluetooth devices won’t pair or show up on your PC at all. This can affect any number of things, like your BLE-connected mouse, speakers, and even your trainer.

To combat this issue while they work on a fix, Microsoft has released a [workaround]. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been successful for our testing team at Zwift. So if you’re an avid Zwifter, we strongly encourage not updating to Windows 10 (version 1903) if you haven’t already, at least until a patch release addresses the Bluetooth issue.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift

Has anyone else had Windows 10 Bluetooth break on them? iOS works fine.

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I am having the same issue after the last Windows 10 Update. Went to do my Ramp Test today (in Erg mode) and my trainer dropped out a few times then stayed connected but just stopped ramping, holding a steady power level. Wahoo TIKR also had major connectivity issues.

After trying the Ramp Test twice I finally said screw it and called it a night. Going to try iOS in the morning though to see if that works for me also!

Just wondering if anyone can comment on the workaround that you mention in your quote from Zwift and whether this works with TrainerRoad Windows app or not?


The only work round I have seen is to fix a Bluetooth speaker problem…

My Zwift and TR Bluetooth still doesn’t work. So, no patches that fix it yet.

Have a look at this article. It seems that the update creates havoc with the drivers

This is the only workaround we have found at this time as well. We are having a hard time tracking this issue down because none of our devices have experienced this loss of Native Bluetooth after updating to Windows 10.

If anyone affected by this bug could please reach out to our Support Team, it would really help us get to the bottom of what causes this and help us to resolve it. The team’s email is

Windows just released an update for Windows 10. Does anyone know if this was intended to fix the Native Bluetooth issue/fixed the issue?

Hi, has anyone managed to solve this problem? Relying just on ANT+ doesnt feel like the best way to connect my devices. The drops are more noticeable as compared to using bluetooth & ANT+

Hey @Muzzaffar,

Would you mind reporting this bug to our Support Team at We have seen a decrease in tickets related to this issue, so if you are still unable to use native Bluetooth, we want our team to look into it right away.

A few things to include in your email:

  • Are you on the latest updated version of Windows 10?
  • Are you on the latest version of the TR Windows App?
  • What computer hardware are you using (brand, model)
  • Are you able to pair Bluetooth devices within your computer’s system settings?

Thanks in advance, we look forward to working through this issue with you.

Hey @Muzzaffar,

Please shoot this reply in an email to our Support Team at :slight_smile:

Our Support Agents are the experts on this sort of thing, and we want to keep the forum uncluttered by channeling all troubleshooting through the appropriate Support channels.


Sorry, thought the email was sent to support. Already shot them an email. Thank you.