Zwift ride has not synced

It’s not impossible. You can still get what you want right now, it just will take a few more steps.

I have the same issue. Using a macbook pro. Unable to sync my ride from Zwift with TR. Have tried editing the title in Strava, manually importing the gpx file from Strava, manually importing the fit file from Zwift, all without success.

For me, this is a “it just has to work” feature with regards to syncing rides from various sources if I intend to use TR as my single source of training analysis. Any help is appreciated, cheers.

I have been in communication with support about this, it seems if you use TR then Zwift afterwards it might not upload because the time stamp is too close together. All my other Zwift rides have uploaded, but these a done on different days to TR. I hope TR manage to do a patch for this in the future.


That seems to be the case here. Rode on Zwift today, ride synced without issue. The previous ride was immediately after a TR ride.

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