Zwift ride has not synced

I’ve just done a Ramp test, i then did a ride on Zwift to flush my legs and top up my TSS, the Zwift ride has not synced, so wanted to add that ride to my TSS for the week, anyone else had this problem? or don’t Zwift rides from Garmin or Strava sync now?

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They do still sync (I got a Zwift ride imported from Stava just last night).

Sometimes they delay for me. A trick I find that works sometimes, edit the Zwift ride in Strava and add a note or revise the title. That seems to trigger TR to grab it.

Thanks for the tip, I’ve just cropped the ride and added a note, hopefully that will do the trick!

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If it doesn’t work, contact for more help.

Same exact thing just happened to me.

Did the ramp test in TR and then jumped into Zwift to do another 40 minutes of riding. I can’t for the life of me get the Zwift ride to sync up w/ TR.

i tried everything, like uploading GPX etc, nothing! i gave up in the end.

That’s unfortunate to hear.

Last winter I didn’t bother tracking my Zwift rides in my TSS as I just did the low volume TR plans and mixed some Zwift in there.

This winter, the TR calendar is going to be basically useless to me if my Zwift rides don’t sync into it. I love TR for the interval workouts, but I just can’t do the steady state recovery rides on TR. I much prefer to do the 70%ish rides on Zwift and unfortunately it sounds like this isn’t going to integrate at all.

That’s exactly the same with me. I really like the new calendar, i can track my TSS so much easier as it includes my work commutes etc, i can get my planned TSS almost spot on, but if it doesn’t include my zwift rides ( i do group rides with friends and hill sessions) its going to be useless and way out on TSS! a real shame as i think it has a lot of potential.

My Zwift rides come in. If you are having issues, contact

This clip shows four Zwift based rides that imported automatically for me (as imported from Strava per the symbol at the bottom left of each ride).

My Zwift rides used to sync, but since the update for the calender they don’t. Thx for the link, i’ve contacted support, hopefully it’s just something in the settings that i’ve missed.

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Cool. Good luck. I am pretty sure they will be able to get you sync’d again.

Weird, I wonder what the difference is?

I wonder if it’s something to do with doing a TR workout and then immediately starting a Zwift ride after the TR workout.

I emailed support this morning as well. No response yet.

I have almost the same thing but from strava. Everything was syncing very well. Yesterday evening i started a training plan, did the ramp test. This synced fine. I then jumped on the bike for an outdoor club ride, but it never synced with strava. So today I tried to manually upload the fit file from my element. It said it was uploaded, but still no where to be seen! I’m wondering if it’s something to do with being in the training plan or the change strava made as adds appear as of yesterday!

Yeh, from looking at other comments it looks like if you do a ramp test and then do an activity straight after it’s causing issues, i’ve contacted support, hopefully they can sort it out!

Hmm interesting, that’s strange.

I think tonight I’m going to do Zwift without running the TR app. and see if that syncs over.

I was going to clarify my use. In general, I “keep” the file as created by the app that controlled the trainer,

  1. If I am doing a Zwift ride, fondo, etc., then I only run Zwift (no TR).

    • That ride syncs to Strava, and then TR pulls it from there.
  2. If I am doing a TrainerRoad workout, I launch TR and pair all devices.

    • Then I launch Z and pair all devices (making sure that “Controllable Trainer” is not selected, so TR is the only one adjusting the trainer).

    • I do the workout and let the TR workout finish and close TR. The TR ride uploads to Strava, and I delete if from there right away.

    • I only want Zwift “rides” in Strava, not the actual TR workout file version of it (vanity for mileage and climbing :stuck_out_tongue: ).

    • Once the TR file is deleted from Strava, I finish and close Zwift, making sure to add “TR - Pettit” or whatever for the workout name into the Zwift event title at closing. The Zwift ride uploads to Strava (I keep that one there).

    • The TR ride also uploads to the TR Career and Calendar pages (I keep that one there, since it was the controller for the ride).

    • The only “extra” work is making sure to close in the proper order and deleting one file from Strava. Easy habit once you do it a while

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Those seem to work fine for me.

The issue we had is doing a TR workout and then doing a Zwift ride after.

So I did exactly as you said in “#2” and it worked exactly as you mention.

However, then I do exactly as you say in “#1”, but it does not pull to TR.

The days where I do just “#1”, TR seems to pull the Zwift workout from Strava just fine.

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(Pure speculation mode engaged:) I think it has to do with the way they try to prevent duplicates in TR. I have had a few rare cases where I needed to trigger TR to pick up a Strava ride, but it isn’t often.

I wonder if it has to do with the date and start time of the files involved, and TR likely seeing them as “identical”. It seems they are playing the angle of preventing duplication more than allowing possible doubles. As such, there could be cases of truly separate workouts, but TR seeing them as “the same”.

I think you’re correct.

I just did a Zwift Ride (with no TR ride before hand) and it synced over to the TR calendar perfectly.


Looks like i’ll have to decide whether to do a TR workout or a Zwift ride from now on, and not both in the same day. It’s a shame because i like doing a Zwift ride after an FTP test etc. I want to track my TSS accurately, i’m becoming obsessed with TSS, probably the wrong thing to do, but it’s really working for me at the moment so I’m gonna keep doing it, the new calender would be perfect if it synced all rides!