Non-TR rides not importing to Calendar

I already have a ticket in to TR support on the issue, and they are looking into it…but if I do any sort of non-TR ride, they don’t show up on my TR calendar. Doesn’t matter if it is Zwift, an outdoor ride, etc.

All training programs are linked through Ride Synch, etc. Again, support is looking into the issue…

I’ve never really worried too much about it since I track all my training data on TP…but with the advent of AI FTP Estimate, I kinda need those rides to show up in the TR calendar. For example, I did a Zwift group ride on Weds this week and as far as TR AI is concerned, I did nothing. Similarly, I did Zwift rides this weekend. The Sat ride was longer and harder than my TR-scheduled ride and today there was nothing in my TR schedule….but since TR sees nothing, the AI wants to knock my workouts down next week.

Is it reasonable for me (short term) to find a similar workout in terms of length, TSS and IF, schedule it as a Outside ride and then mark it complete?

For example, my ride on Weds was ~1:15, 81 TSS and .83 IF and felt like a tempo ride. Cumberland is 1:15, a 78 TSS and .79 IF. The smaller interval lengths are also closer to the constant variability of a group ride.

Reasonable solution? Pretty sure I need to bump my FTP now that I am back on the bike, but really don’t want to do a Ramp Test. :crazy_face:

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Assume you have Zwift and Garmin or Strava whatever connected to TR?

If so, maybe disconnect and reestablish the connection? My only concern would be that you might end up with duplicates?

Yeah, I have everything connected on both sides. TR Support had recommended disconnecting everything for 48 hours, which I did. When I reconnected, the problem still remained.

I have followed up with them, but it is obviously the weekend, so……

If any duplicates show up, I’ll just delete them.

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