TR not pushing to Strava

TR not syncing to Strava, TP sync fine but no Strava, all permissions agreed etc, app tells me ‘ride synced’ but its not appearing. My Zwift ride i run in parallel is synced fine.

First occurred last night and has not resolved itself.

Anyone else had issues?

I think that’s Strava attempting to de-dupe two events submitted in a short period of time.

Thanks for the reply, never happened before though tbh, I’ve deleted the Zwift ride from Strava and tried to re sync the TR workout, still not working for me.

The API is quite fussy and is probably rejecting activities with timestamps in a certain proximity.

I recommend leaving around ~30 seconds between submissions from your various sources: I let TR do its thing, then when I get the notification its synced OK, I’ll quit out of Zwift, then finally save my Garmin workout.

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Same as danielm. I wait for the phone notification that the TR workout is uploaded before i quit Zwift. You could try breaking and reconnecting the synch in strava. The workout you are worried about may be forever flagged as a dupe though, so it might not resolve that one. You may need to upload it manually.

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I had the opposite problem for the past couple of weeks. Strava rides (Zwift mostly) were not sync’ing up the TR calendar. I flipped the setting and reopened the page and it started to sync up.

The same sort of thing is happening with RGT. Last night’s TT synced to Strava & TR but not the Wahoo file that also had the warm up & cool down included despite that appearing on Strava ok.