Zwift Camp does what!

Hmmm…where have seen this FTP test…

Hours after their first team ride, the “Zwifties” are called to the training room, one-by-one. Three orange Z’s hang proud on the wall, a territorial marker of where this all began.

Each rider must complete a ramp test, in front of their potential teammates, performance and sports director.

The numbers on the screen don’t lie, and any nervous jump in heart rate is there for all to see.

For the uninitiated, a ramp test involves a gradual increase in resistance – from an easy pace until failure, via 20 watt increases each minute. Standing on the pedals is banned, and the test is over when the rider is simply not able to continue while seated. FTP is taken as 75% of the final minute of pedalling, though in reality it’ll range from 71 to 77% depending upon physiology.

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Heh - RAMP protocols aren’t a TR invention unfortunately. Nice article though, very interesting!

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Very true. I was more on the point that with all the comments about WKO4 and SF and other crazy protocols, a pro team uses a simple ramp, VO2 max hill climbs, sprints and a 20 road race. :slight_smile:

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