HPTek step test on Zwift vs. TR's ramp test

I’m sure a few of you will have tried both. It’s a similar idea except the Zwift one goes up 25W every 2.5 minutes rather than TR’s increase of 6% FTP every minute.

Being relatively new to TR I’ve only ever done the Zwift test. At the start of my current plan on TR I skipped the ramp test because I’d literally done the Zwift test the day before “discovering” TR.

Tomorrow I’d like to test my FTP again, and it’s natural to want to do the Zwift test so I’m comparing apples to apples. But in the long term I definitely see my training being done on TR, so it’d be nice to switch to the ramp test. TR’s test is also quicker so presumably less miserable… :slight_smile:

What’d you do? If I wanted to do both tests so I could compare can I do both on the same day or is it not enough recovery?

Probably not on same day but should be ok next day

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I guess what I meant wasn’t that I want to use TR rather than Zwift (in fact I’m one of those weirdos that uses both simultaneously), but that I’d like to be on the same test as the rest of this forum, to make any contributions I give more relevant and without me always having to qualify that actually I tested my FTP in a slightly different way to everyone else!

Personally I still use the 20’ test but I feel empowered to discuss FTP and tests no matter what protocol I use.


The Zwift test I reckon gives a higher result for TTers and maybe older athletes whose threshold is closer to their vo2 max.

I got a higher score on it. But then when I tried to do vo2 intervals on TR using the result… ouch.

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(Conversely, punchy riders with good anaerobic engines may do better on the TR ramp test but then find threshold intervals and over/unders hard)

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