Zwift 2019 Year End Survey

Received this from Zwift.

Not surprising is that this opportunity to give feedback is really a marketing data grab…

I found question 35 strange that they did not list TR when they asked about other cycling apps. Thoughts? Intentional omission? Any other explanation? They are happy to list more marginal competitors as well as Peloton, Strava, etc.

Perhaps they don’t see TR as a direct competitor as its primary focus is training whereas Peloton and Strava have more of a social focus?


Found it weird that TR wasn’t in there too.

That’s great if they don’t see TR as competition - maybe we can push workouts to Zwift one day from the Calendar and have TR kit!

Hmm, the thing that leaps out at me is their choice of words on privacy. “We won’t ask for”, is not the same as we won’t store or process.

Sorry, I’m off work for two weeks…but it’s hard to stop! :smile:

They want to be peloton/strava or take some of there subs. I kind of think Zwift views themselves as a lifestyle type of company.

Not surprised by thiis as eventually I can see them morphing into a mini strava and taking over some of there features.

I did a similar survey last year, but their focus there seemed to be gauging the viability of their running platform and whether anyone would pay for it. I didn’t get this survey yet this year though… maybe they don’t like my answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I received the survey. I do find when I survey is designed to get specific results they lack options that say none of the above or allow a written response. I answered TR to one of the questions…but I had to write it in. TR definitely didnt fit into anything they offered as an option.