Treadmill running with TR?

Very new user here, after a few years on Zwift I was looking for more workout variety and a change. So far TR seems to be far more and better workouts and if I decide to stick with it then come winter the training plans look great.

The only thing missing is the ability for running as well as cycling, which Zwift has. I’m more a runner than cyclist although I love a good turbo workout. I tried using one of TR bike workouts with my running footpod (Stryd power meter) paired. It works amazingly well. I really enjoyed the workout. The only thing I needed to do was ‘map’ my treadmill speeds to their equivalent power levels so when it asked for e.g. 200W I know what treadmill speed this is. It worked super nicely as a countdown to change intervals and speeds. I had to adjust the workout to about 150% as my running FTP (if this even exists) is higher than my cycling. Also my cadence is reported as half it’s true value but not the end of the world.

I just wondered if anyone else was doing this? Seems like TR isn’t far off being a treadmill app too. It would be nice to be able to tag these rides as runs instead though so it doesn’t play havoc with my stats, although I found for now that I can remove that run from my score calculations.


@Brandon one for you and the team?