Zero TSS for imported Rides

Hi all, I’m new to the platform, although a long-time listener. I’ve set all my Strava and Garmin rides to get imported but it appears that everything coming in has zero TSS, except or the rides I’ve done on my Kickr. I don’t have a power meter on my bike, only the trainer, so does this mean imported rides that only have speed/cadence/HR will not have their TSS estimated?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I did do some searching around and couldn’t see it.


Yes, I had the same thing happen.

You’ll have to manually do the TSS. When you open the ride it will ask about your effort and then give an estimated TSS. It might be helpful if you had HR data in there.

Once you get on a roll it goes by quickly. I only had about 150 rides to do, not bad.

Does anyone know if there is a way to use the estimate TSS function for multiple rides in one go, rather than opening up each ride separately and doing it? e.g. for all my commutes, I could set them as easy, or smooth intensity and just process the TSS estimate as a block

No I asked, you have to go into each ride and add in the estimated RPE

Hmmm, that’s not really an option for me as I have ~2000 activities syncing in. They all have HR data in there, so I’m surprised it’s not estimated already.


While you have a lot of rides there probably isn’t value in doing more than about 3 months worth and then just stay on top of them from here on.

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Fair call. Im just not sure that estimating the PE ir IF is more reliable than a computational solution based on the recorded data.