TSS in some activities not included in career TSS

Hi there,

When importing my rides from Strava I can see from both the Career page and the Calendar page that TSS is missing. When checking activities during a specific week I can see that only a few of the rides have the checkbox for adding TSS (Career Inclusion). Totalt TSS is for exampel 180 instead of 650.

Is there any way to add TSS for all historical activities with power?
Do anyone know why some imported rides don’t get this feature activated?

Many thanks!

You should be able to see all of your rides that Lack TSS by following this link:

You can then go down the list and click the “Estimate Stress” link here:

and enter your approximate intensity for the each ride. We will then calculate the TSS for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

I’m aware of this feature and it works great for estimating rides without power. They end up close to TRIMP estimations from other tools which is cool.

My problem is that I have rides with power that have been synced but have the “include TSS” checkbox unchecked.

Do I have to go trough hundreds of activities and tick the box so that my training chart with TSS/FTP looks ok? As you can imagine it’s very time consuming.


+1 I have the same issue - the rides are synced from TP / GC / Strava but not all are included in my weekly TSS. No clear pattern as to which are or aren’t included, but the weekly TSS figures are all wrong as a result.

Related but different to the original question, it would be wonderful to have an automatic estimate applied to all imported non-power rides. Users would have to select a default effort level for those estimates, but this would be a useful way for me to include commuting TSS in my weekly amounts.

Yes, exactly the same for me. I noticed that especially older activities are randomly excluded both from TSS and PR, while recorded wiht powermeter. I found my PR’s sometimes low and did manually search for activities with some strong climbs and couldn’t get it why they were not in my PRs.