Option for syncing rTSS/hrTSS/rPwr for running?

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I’ve been importing my runs since it was available as an early access option. I like being able to have a more holistic view of training stress in one location, however, manually entering the TSS for each run is laborsome.

Are there plans to allow synchronisation from either Training Peaks to import rTSS or hrTSS? or alternatively Garmin and use either Training Load to automatically estimate TSS or even Power?


Great idea

I just went through January manually editing all my runs

Copying from TP free edition

Garmin load could work too

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I did this also for years, works well but bothersome :disguised_face:

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I’m also curious how relevant running TSS is in TrainerRoad (other than visual representation)

I don’t think running TSS is taken into account for “Train Now” recommendations or Adaptive Training

I know it certainly has a real impact on my cycling training however. Ie if I’ve performed a hard threshold running session on Saturday, my Sunday cycling performance will be impacted.

Yet there is obviously a greater decoupling between training stress and FTP or measurable improvement in cycling (related to cycling load) when running is included as well.
An option to toggle running stress on and off would be useful

TSS is still useful from a looking back point of view- how much load did i handle then, what happened, etc.

I dont use rTSS but hrTSS, as I believe it reflect load better than pace based metrics


I’ve yet to try the Triathlon plans, but do they estimate running/swimming TSS?

Estimate of the planned rpe for runs

I notice that distance appeared in the web calendar weekly totals too which is cool

You can get the estimated TSS from intervals.icu too. But yes, it would be better if TrainerRoad could calculate it itself.

I just saw in the TrainerRoad Android software update notes that TSS will now be displayed for runs. I noticed in my use of intervals.icu, however, that one can estimate TSS using power, pace, or heart rate. I’m still not sure, as an untrained runner, which version of TSS is going to produce a more useful metric for me, and I imagine the best "version"of running TSS will be different from athlete to athlete. But does anybody know how TR is estimating TSS? Will it default to power TSS if running power is present? Or does it use heart rate to estimate TSS?

Never mind. I just logged on to the TR website, and it appears that these are still just TS estimations based on RPE, not calculated based on heart rate or power.

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If I check on intervals.icu the numbers are usually very close provided your thresholds are set correctly.

This will depend on how accurate your running threshold is entered in relation to the type of running power reported. i.e Sryde and Apple/Polar share a similar approach but Garmin use a different calculation
I’ve personally found rTSS from Training Peaks to be fairly reliable, but once my Running FTP was entered correctly TSS from Power is also very close.