Yearly hours in Trainerroad?

Is there a way to see my Total Hours for the Year in Trainerroad? Traineroad is the only software I have used for a while and was wondering what the totals for the year look like.

Ed K

I don’t think they have total hours, I was curious the other day and added up manually using the calendar, which lists training hours in a week

What??? You don’t use Strava??? :wink:

No easy way to get it in TR, unfortunately.

I think this needs a feature bump @Nate_Pearson …especially as jonahthon recently talked about his totals for 2020 which means he must be using other software along with his trainerroad?

I thought TR were wanting us to use them for everything and it would seem a pretty simple a d usefull feature to be able to view hours/TSS data for a set time period

I don’t think Trainerroad wants us to use them for everything. They are pretty laser focused on just things that make us faster, so some of the more peripheral nice to haves probably aren’t priority and some of the other features prevalent in strava and others are probably not on the roadmap.

i personally use velo viewer to track my time. I have a specific strava gear for my time doing trainer workouts and with velo viewer you can filter by gear.

Ok thanks, I’ll take a look in veloviewer but I do think this is a useful and surely easy piece of data for traineroad to add. They already do season match data and I think hours/TSS compared over seasons is very useful data, no less useful than the data they already allow us to search

We do want to do this.

I’m thinking it could live under “seasons” so you could do specific time ranges and use SeasonMatch to see how you’re tracking against other seasons.

Our issue is that we have a ton of ideas we want to execute but not enough resources.

We’ve had a good winter and we’re going to expand the engineering team over the next couple months to to help execute stuff like this.


Not TR, but shows this. select indoor from filters list

Now that i actually look at that, how did i do 40% of my training indoors. I need to change that nxt yr…

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