Calendar potential - long term analysis (Feature Request)

A thought and/or feature request that came about as I was looking through some of my data yesterday:

  • some way to summarize/compare training periods year over year
    example use: compare months/seasons to each other in terms of hours trained, percentage in zone, and then change in FTP over those periods.

I remember using something like this when I was playing around in Golden Cheetah last year, but I dropped use of that program (and TrainingPeaks) and only use the TR calendar now - I need simplicity in my life and maintaining 3 calendars was not simple.

In my training case, I had been thinking that my training hours in January were well down YoY, but then noticed on the sidebar in Strava that I’m only ~90min down cumulative YoY. The likely key difference in fitness is what I carried into the start of the base block (lower than previous year) and the later start (Dec. 1 start vs. Nov. 1 start).
I was wondering about the “how I trained portion” and considered starting to pull time in zones into a spreadsheet, but then I started wondering why I couldn’t quickly do some analytics on my core calendar versus starting to pull together a manual spreadsheet and figure I’d check in here.

Not sure if this is something that others have an interest in, but thought I’d throw this out as an idea.

Cheers and thanks for giving me the tools to make me faster (even if I’m not using them as consistently as I should be!)


This is a pretty interesting idea, and we certainly have/could get the data necessary for it. I’ll forward it along to our product development team for consideration and see if they’ll add it to the roadmap in the future. Thank you!


Good call. I’ve suggested something similar in the past. I think we’ve all had periods where we felt like we should be getting stronger and then we’re not. Being able to look at what percentage of time in zone during SSB I and II that I actually completed vs. what they prescribed would make it obvious where the blame lies.

Plus, think if every time someone wanted to unsubscribe from TR they got a summary showing how little of the prescribed workouts they actually completed? They could then offer a shamescription where the user would have the option of staying on at an increased rate and they could only get back to their original pricing if they completed 95% of the time in zone over a month.