Total time on TR

Does TR log how many hours you ride?

E.g I can pull data for how many hours ridden in 2018
Then total TR rides.

Only out of pure interest. How many hours a week I average.

Or anyone know a good way to separate this out from strava,Garmin connect? As my total hours get mixed in with outdoor rides.

I know I can do it manually by looking at week data but would be time consuming and use a spreadsheet.

Nothing automatic or reported for a summary like that right now.

You can look in the career tab under past rides.
There you wil finde the number of rides you did at the top.

If I remember correctly there used to be a time trained value in the Teams member lists, but that list is now reduced to just Name, FTP and FTP/KG. So the statistic is definitely recorded, just simply not shown.

There is still no way (except taking all past rides and summarizing the time myself), to see how many hours I’ve spent riding with TrainerRoad, on the web or through Android or iPad app?

We do not report total time trained anywhere in TrainerRoad. The reasoning behind this is that we only want to display data that directly informs and influences your training. We want to emphasize that our analytics tools are the best way to track your seasons progress.

The TSS chart tracks 6 week average and can forecast based on the workouts planned on your TR calendar.

The Personal Records chart can be organized into seasons and can track fitness across the etnire range of training durations, which allows you to see where you have improved and by how much.

We feel that these tools are a much better way to measure your progress, and we don’t want to de-emphasize them by including other season summary metrics.

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Yes I much prefer this compared to Strava where I might have junk miles counted in with my total training hours. A ride around the neighborhood with my son still factors in but the weight of the TSS is so different. When I look back a year from now, I won’t know or won’t take the time to look at each ride but I can look at total TSS really quickly.

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I still would like to see it summarized as a total honestly. Mainly to help track total time on components for wear items. Like chains and such to see how long they lasted before needing to be replaced or cassettes. Same with my power meters battery life and total trainer hours (in case my smart trainer starts acting up).

I’ve tried to import the data once from Garmin Connect and put it into a spreadsheet but it was way more work than it was worth.

I get why you guys don’t want to though and aren’t expecting it to happen for my reasoning.

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