Feature Request: Training Time by Season

People might consider this superfluous, but the other day I thought I’d like to know the number of hours I spent training since September, which is when my 2019 season starts in TR. Wouldn’t it be neat if that was an easily available metric?

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This isn’t a bad idea! I’ll pass it along, thanks so much for the request!

I’ve asked a couple times for time in zone by season. Basically like the personal records page in Analytics but instead of seeing your time at a specific wattage you could see your time in Z1, Z2, Z3, etc. over a selected period of time.

Taking it a step further, I think it would be really interesting (and validating for TR) to see actual time in zone vs. time in zone that your plan prescribed. I think we’ve all finished a particular portion of our program, whether base, build or specialty and then spent hours wondering why we didn’t get the gains we thought we should. We look at sleep, recovery, blame our shoes, bike fit, the dog, not enough fans, too many fans, etc. when really if we saw that we spend 62% of time at Sweet Spot as Chad prescribed we’d probably better understand the volume of training we can actually handle, not when we’re dreaming big at the beginning of a plan.

That’s a great idea. Though it’s more than I asked for. I really only want to know how many hours I’ve been training. If they do what you’re suggesting, that’d be cool too, though. :slight_smile: and probably more likely to make us faster.

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And cover their ass when people try to blame their plan as to why they didn’t get faster.