Yards vs meters during swim

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I entered a swim event on the TR calendar. The form asks for length in meters but the same number is displayed in yards in the calendar.

Please fix.

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Edit: I spoke to our team about this, and it looks like this is intended behavior.

Swim workouts are prescribed as the same, regardless if they are done in a meter pool or yard pool.

  • For example, a coach would prescribe 10*100 for an athlete in a meter pool and yard pool. They wouldn’t update based on units.

We know this will lead to incorrect total distance overall, but this is the way they’ve chosen to implement it.


This is not an important issue for me but you should be aware that appropriate labeling of units creates the right optics about the integrity of the overal platform. It shouldn’t be difficult to make the units consisent. If you ask for meters for manual calendar entries then display meters and not yards. No unit conversion is required.


As an engineer, TR’s approach (and swimming’s?) to this would drive me nuts too. That’s roughly a 10% difference in distance! Good thing I don’t swim.


All – very surprised this discussion has not continued.

My workout was a 3200m “time trial” with 350m warmup and 350m warm down.
In the total distance box it said: 4100yards.

3200m = 3500yds (roughly)

As others noted, it’s almost a 10% difference. For repeats that’s significant. For a “time trial,” saying it is the same when it is 300yds different it laughable (especially based on how slowly I swim!)

There are a lot of smart trainer “controller” options out there but i chose Trainer Road because of how well – it seemed – I could use it as a one-stop shop for my triathlon training…

When is a fix coming?


TR is working to better integrate run and swimming.
The timeline is not known at this time, but we know that it will happen after the new mobile version of the platform is release (currently beta on iOS)