Swim Workouts. Can we display Yards/Meters instead of time in Calendar

As this recently changed? I believe it used to display yardage instead of time. Is it possible to revert? giving time is not useful as I need to know how much I am supposed to swim to I can easily decide to skip it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I wanted to edit my message to make sure I’m passing along the right info, @Upanddown480.

You should be able to view the swim yardage and actual workout description by clicking into the swim workout in the Calendar and viewing the activity modal. It should look a bit like this:

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Until very recently the calendar did show the distance on the main view where it now shows the time - and my future planned swim workouts now seem to have had a default time of 30:00 allocated to them. I preferred to see distance for swimming but can see how it allows the weekly training time, over on the right of the screen, to be calculated.

Correct, but you have to go into the workout.
If you follow that logic, run workouts and even TR workouts should then display the time and not the Actual workout. Unless this is a step into calculating TSS based on a swim tests of sorts to calculate your crtitical swim speed…