Feature request: ability to choose lbs and km

I just signed up for the one year plan and found it a bit inconvenient that I had to choose imperial or metric as a package.
I’m Canadian and the standard units for distance and speed are metric, but body weight is pounds.
It would be great if we could customize those fields separately.


A good rider I used to know who was getting on a bit surprised me when he said he worked in Km not miles. He was quite old school and I asked him why. He said when he was TTing he could try and increase his speed by 1km which was easier than 1 mile. Made sense at the time.

Agree with this. I’ve selected “Imperial” as I prefer to look at my cycling and running in miles. The problem is I need to enter my swims in metres, but TR presents swim distance as yards. To enter a swimming distance in TR I currently have to do a Google convert of metres to yards :roll_eyes:

I imagine most triathletes from the UK are having the same problem.



If you are in imperial do you get a watts/lb figure then ?

I only really cycle, and cycling distance has always been km on the telly and in the real world rides I do, so I use km. I worked out how to switch the scales to kg so I’m good.

I’ve tried to use kg on my bathroom scale but it didn’t compute in my brain… :stuck_out_tongue:

The kg/lbs and height measurement is interesting, as I’m Japanese and my family in Japan use kg and cm. I think inches/feet for height.

I would like to have lbs for weight and km for speed and distance as well. Just how I am used to. Thanks!

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