Mismatch of meters and yards between browser and iphone app calendar

On my laptop using the browser, my calendar is showing miles etc but the swim shows as yards.

However, on my iphone app the calendar shows as miles and yet the swim shows as meters. How do I change the laptop browser calendar to show meters too?


Hey, @GeorgeAnderson!

Thanks for bringing this up. Here’s what’s going on:

  • Currently, we’re only displaying Swim distances in Metric units in the application. Thus, regardless of a rider’s unit preferences (Imperial or Metric), your swims will display in meters within the application.
  • We’re going to be pushing an update soon that will force Swim workouts to display in whatever units align with an athlete’s unit preferences, in both the application and the online Calendar. (No ETA on this, but it should be out shortly as much of the work is complete.)
  • I checked out your profile, and it looks like you have units set to Imperial on your Online Account Profile. This means, your online Calendar will display your swims (as well as runs and rides) all in yards (and miles). If you’d rather have your units displayed in Metric, go to your Account Profile, and change your preferences under the “Units” dropdown menu.

Hi Alex,

I’m in the UK where our run and bike distances are measured in miles but our pools are measured in metres. All our pools are either 25 meters or 50 meters so we need to have the ability to mix both miles and meters and not yards.

Funny you should say that! I actually brought this exact point up to our Product Managers this morning.

I can’t make any promises regarding if/when we’ll implement the ability to mix and match Imperial & Metric units, but I’m definitely going to pass your words along.

In the meantime, you’ll only have the option for Metric or Imperial. I’m sorry about this.

Thanks, George.

Ah that’s not good to hear. Would you please mention the importance of this to your product people for us in the UK please Alex?

I’m loving the calendar function by the way :grinning:

Absolutely! Consider it reiterated to them, George. :thumbsup: Also, I’ll make sure to keep a close tally of the requests for mixing & matching Imperial and Metric units.

And that’s great! Glad to hear you’re a fan of Calendar. Thanks for saying so. :slight_smile:

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Rule 24 :wink:


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Not too sure about any English system, but aware of a British system :stuck_out_tongue: I’m Scottish :wink: