XCM LV / MV workout variances

I’m just about to start the 2nd half of XCM MV, when comparing to the Lv plan there’s quite a big disparity between the Tuesday workouts. Lv has a series of 90s repeats @ 130%; whereas MV has longer 5-6min intervals @ 105%. the Thursday and Saturday workouts look very similar between plans.

I’m reasonably new to structured training, but understand the need for higher intensity as the volume drops, but I would have thought adaptations will be quite different?

MV does the shorter stuff in the first half and longer stuff in the second, and LV goes long in the first and short in the second. There are a couple plans like that, where the different blocks focus on different energy systems and which energy system goes where changes between LV and MV or MV and HV. I don’t know what the reasoning is, but my guess is that it has to do with managing fatigue against volume as you get closer to an event.

(On the other hand, I know I’ve seen other plans like that and I can’t find them now, so maybe they’re being phased out, heh.)

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Hey! I asked the team about this to get some more insight into this specific plan design. I’ll keep you updated! :metal:

Update from the team!
The intensity can definitely (and usually) does, carry across plan volumes, since it’s the intensity that conveys the adaptations. The difference will usually fall in the volume of the intensity, not the level of intensity itself.
If the intensity is going to change at any point, those changes will be reserved for the Specialty plans where event specificity reins supreme!