XC race season about to hit Mid volume

As the subjunctive states just that. I’m in base phase about to start mid volume 5 days a week. My races are on Sunday and Saturday I’d like to keep as a recover day, maybe a light light ride to open up… not sure if that light ride… how should I approach this Monday - Friday on the trainer Saturday break and Sunday race? Or can I sub a day? And if so what should I sub ?

Try taking Friday as the recovery day and use Saturday as an opener session before Sunday’s race.
You should be able to train normally during the week leaving you fresh for Sunday.

Do I drop any of the prescribe training during the week or train Monday - Thursday and move Friday to Saturday

It depends on what days you can train and also how important the Sunday’s races are. If they’re not very important then you can train like normal on Saturday and carry some fatigue into the race, but if you want to be fresh then drop Saturday’s prescribed workout and perform an opener.

I don’t know what days of the week you train, but if it’s Tuesday - Thursday then stick to the plan. If you can recover well from the workouts then you could always drop the easier midweek ride and replace it with another sweet spot session.

I hope that makes sense.

I get it… the race this year is just experience and I moved up from cat 4-cat 3. next year I’m hoping to give it my all. This year I’m more focusing on the experience of the race and getting stronger…