Considering changing tack on training/rest. Thoughts?

Hey gang, because I’m old (47) and, ostensibly, sick I’m not recovering that well between workouts. It seems I need 2 days recovery to really smash my workouts. So, tues/ thurs works haven’t really been a reality for me recently. The Thursday workout usually goes really badly for me and I end up abandoning it in favor of an early ride.

However, If I smash it on the weekend, take monday and tuesday easy, and then go hard on weds I usually can get the work done.

Now that we’re in racing season and in racing roughly every other weekend, what do y’all think about going easy money and tuesday, hard wednesday, and then easy thursday and friday before racing at least one day if not 2 on the weekend? Can I still improve week to week on a schedule like this?

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As a general rule of thumb, if you think you need the rest, you probably do.

You probably won’t improve per se if you are in a racing block, but managing your fatigue and form is generally higher ROI if you goal is to race well.

There was a good article about this that was put out this week that is relevant:

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An alternative is to keep the schedule the same but lower your FTP by 10-15W. It’s possible that your ftp is too high and you’re over exerting. But let’s say you have a real ftp, even then I think lowering the ftp a bit and making the workouts just a touch easier will yield better gains than drastic schedule changes.

hey, I am also 47.

Here is my experience/workout strategy

I usually follow Mid Volume plans plus 1 ride outside on Fridays. I switch workout orders for weekdays. Instead of Difficult - Easy - Difficult, I do;

Monday - Difficult
Tue - Difficult
Wed - Easy (Recovery)
Thu - Off
Friday - 100+ Fast Group ride

Now the trick is on Saturday and Sunday workouts. As per the plan, it is Difficult on Saturdays and Moderate on Sundays.

Depending on fatigue from Friday’s ride, I either;

A- Skip Saturday workout completely and do a very easy 30 to 45 minutes recovery ride outside and do moderate on Sunday, or

B- if I feel good, I continue as per the plan.

I think a performance management chart like the TrainingPeaks hav, can help you to determine how your body responses to trainings.

Don’t forget that Rest is part of the program.

Good Luck


Another approach to look at is keeping the day to day schedule but having an easy week more often. So instead of 3 hard weeks 1 easy, swap to 2 hard weeks 1 easy. I guess it depends on if you feel things getting harder as the weeks progress, or if the first hard week after a rest week is too much right away.


Have you considered not smashing them? The sessions are supposed to be tough but not require heroic effort to complete.

Try turning down the intensity :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol! @JoeX “smashing” a workout for me means completing it successfully without having to drop intervals or lower the intensity. @stevemz, this is what I’m thinking. More rest by doing a day or two of racing in the weekend, then one high intensity ride, one maybe sweet spot ride and the rest slow and easy.

@stevemz – wow, that’s a great article. Really interesting. As noted on a different thread, I showed up to a crit yesterday with burned legs, and didn’t really know why.

After reading that article, I now know exactly why. It actually seems simple in retrospect.

Here was my last week before the ‘burned leg’ crit yesterday - btw, I’m 44 so hopefully this pertains to the OP’s thread.

Sunday - Ramp Test
Monday - Mills +1 (Vo2 workout)
Tuesday - 2 practice crit races (20 mins each)
Wednesday - off
Thursday - 4 mile run
Friday - Spanish Needle -3 (couldn’t complete it)
Saturday - off
Sunday - legs were burned doing a crit.

I feel dumb. Sometimes you have to write this stuff down and look at it to make sense of it.


Hindsight is always 20/20…

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