How modify week 8 of CX mid-volume specialty plan when racing Saturday & Sunday?

:wave:; Gist is, I noticed the mid-volume plan that I’ve just been working my way through includes Truuli as a day-before opener workout on Saturday at the end of the plan, anticipating a Sunday race. However, for the next month I’ll have Saturday and Sunday racing each weekend.

I’m not sure what to cut/rearrange to make this schedule work as I repeat that week for a while. Should I lose the day off the bike on Friday and do Truuli then? Perhaps do Xalibu -1 and Joaquin -5 back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday, then take Thursday off, then do Truuli on Friday to prime my legs for the weekend? I’m all ears for any advice experienced folks care to offer.

I did low volume during the season, skipping the weekend ride due to the races. No real way to knock out the mid-volume when the racing season is on.