Xbox One Pro Tip: Play videos with music overdubbed

For those using an Xbox One for in-ride entertainment, did you know you can play music while watching a video? You can even “mix” how much audio to play from each source. The trick is to start playing music first, then start the video app.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Launch a music app (Spotify, Pandora, etc.).
  2. Start playing a song/playlist/album.
  3. Press the Xbox Home button and launch your video app (YouTube, Netflix, etc.).
  4. Start playing a video.
  5. Press the Xbox Home button.
  6. Navigate down to the music app and press Select.
  7. You should see a mini-player with media player buttons and a “mixer” to select how much audio to play from each source.


I’ve been using an Xbox One S for almost a year but only recently discovered this…and it’s awesome! For harder workouts I’ll find a long-running cycling race—doesn’t even have to be with English commentary—then I’ll play music from Spotify set to 100%. Audio and visual encouragement! :tv: :biking_man: :musical_note:


Can it be done on the ps4 as well?

I don’t have a PlayStation myself but I found this YouTube video on how to play music and a game at the same time. My guess is that it’ll work with videos as well, though I don’t know if or how you’d adjust the volume of each.

Great tip! Thanks for sharing.

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I don’t know whether PS can play video. But I usually play Spotify music on Xbox. It’s pretty good when playing a game on PS4 and listening to favorite music. Besides, if you need to play Spotify on PS 4 without data connection while riding, you can download Spotify music on Mac then sync them to PS 4.

Thanks for a great tip…

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