Has anyone else replaced Netflix with the the Full Race Video playlist

I have replaced Netflix and my music with the full race videos! Anyone else?


Got a link to this playlist?
I usually watch cyclo-cross races and listen to music.


I’ve started playing the race video and enjoy the sound of the road and the race now :man_shrugging:t3:

Depends on the workout and length. Sub-threshold, longer workouts = Netflix.

Over threshold = music and race videos.


Do you use the same device to watch the vid and listen to music too? The overlay I don’t know think is possible, right?

This is what I put on during intervals / workouts that I can’t concentrate on a tv show story - love it :slight_smile:

I’m just throwing race vids on tv and TrainerRoad app and Apple Music on phone

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVQ1MZyNfkCeLdTjWhfBB_A is doing a great job of putting up cyclocross videos if anyone is interested.

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I just looked at a couple and this is great. Thanks for sharing

Looks like that channel has been taken down, lesigh.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrkpGI4EabjcT39w8BktGg is a motherload of older cross races though.

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Try this playlist for this seasons CX races

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Good to ride and share the pain with https://www.youtube.com/user/FlandersClassics1

I get sick watching gopro footage, but ‘produced’ race content I’ll watch a good amount of.

I have to watch non bike racing in general when on the trainer - I find it too distracting (especialy on bike footage from crits) and I end up reacting to the racing rather than following my workout. I also found watching something like Red Bull Rampage mae me feel sick when on board shots were used! Something about pedalling whilst watching someone perform crazy backflips just made me a bit dizzy and queazy!
The exception is I can watch grand tour stages as in general nothing much happens and it’s just listening to commentators and admiring amazing scenery.

I’m quite keen to watch TdF stages from the past but cannot seem to find a good place to stream them…

Anyone know of anything?

For example the 2018 or 2019 TdF stage by stage highlight shows (which are roughly an hour each).

GCN had historical Giro stages recently but it was paid for content. Eurosport has been good at replaying historical races as well but I don’t have the app subscription presently so reliant on when they’re shown love on TV and recording.

I watch full Race stages (road and mtb) or classics on YouTube on a second screen with sound off. And podcasts On Primary device in background (TR, Rogan, Rich Roll and few others).

Watched a full individual time trial video for a longer sweetspot session the other day, which was quite motivating to watch during SS intervals!

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I’ve been able to stream previous years on NBC Sports cycling package. It’s paid content though.

This is an old question but if you are watching on an iPhone or iPad then no you couldn’t also listen to music on the device while watching the video. But on a PC or Mac you can just mute the video while the music plays in the background.