Group WorkOuts with Spotify How too or another way?

In one of the PCasts (251,252,253 I´m circulating thru all three of them)since the release of GWouts I heard @Nate_Pearson mention something about you can run Spotify and have it play into the GW…I dont have Spotify but will get it if it can work with relative ease via GWs

Does anyone have the technology and can “… explain it to me like I was a three year old…”(Movie ¨Philadelphia¨).

I have the issue similarly, i use Amazon Music… and no music can be played at the same time, currently. Sometimes I’d like something on low volume when the intervals are hard AF.

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Use your headphones connected to your computer for audio, and adjust the computer volume output to be where you want it for Group Workouts audio. Then go into Spotify and press play, adjusting the volume for the music within Spotify rather than the computer. Then you can just hit play/pause when you want to start/stop Spotify during the Group Workout. I’ve successfully done this during a Group Workout, turning music on in the intervals and off during the recoveries. Works great.


OK, sounds simple enough. Thank you!.
Can the other participants in the workout hear the music as well or is just for the user?

If you’re using headphones, you’ll be the only one who can hear it.


I can’t hear anything music wise.

All I can hear are the participants, and in the Amazon music app I’m changing the volume in the app itself, so, it’s a bit strange tbh.

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I have been doing this with Spotify and it works well. Was a little bothered by the fact that I have to switch windows to play/pause the music but realized if I open Spotify on my phone at the same time and tell it to continue playing on the computer while allowing me to control it from my phone.


I use Spotify on my phone and save the songs with the account. I later get the DRmare Apple Audio Converter to download the songs. All of them are lossless and I upload them to my devices for offline listening.

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So then to play them to the Group during a Groupwork out you just use the audio mic on your computer?

I use Apple Airpods and Apple Music on a MacBook. Before the workout I pick my playlist and set the volume. Apple music recognizes the airpod button presses to control the music. As far as I can tell, no other Mac app does that. Sort of a bummer as I was not an apple music user but the ease of tuning the music on during the hard intervals lured me in.

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