Music with group workouts

Hi there

I love the new group workout feature but am wondering if there is any plans in the future to integrate music via spotify or other apps?

Or has anyone done any hacks to do this?



You can do it now…I run Spotify in the background on my laptop when I do backgrounds…you can control the volume in the app independently to dial it in so you can hear the people you are riding with and the music.

Potentially dumb question, does everyone else have to listen to your music? Or does your music come through headphones?

All depends on your setup:

  1. Music through your headphones = only you hear your music.

  2. Music through your external speakers (in reach of your microphone) = everyone hears your music.

In general, most people seem to use headphones and have their own private tunes. This is likely best, since music taste varies widely. It’s fine for people to “share” music if everyone is cool with the selection.

That’s what I was thinking, it’d also aound tinny coming through from speakers?

I’m looking forward to being able to join in on group workouts in the future. I’ll keep picking up tips and tricks as I can.

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Spotify have a group listening function now, so you can rig it up that everyone gets the same music through their own audio set up. Very handy.