Spotify controls inside TR app

I would like to see Spotify controls inside the (android) app like eg Waze has to control my music during a workout


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass this one along to the team. Cheers!


And if TR could somehow switch playlists based on the power you’re putting out… (i.e. rest intervals get relaxing music and work intervals get fast beat music)


Next feature the adaptive music player lol🤪


Not hitting your targets?!? YOU ARE SERVED METAL. :metal:


That would be great!


I have a playlist called “Angry Turbo Music”, can you get that to start playing when your AI detects I’m struggling please :stuck_out_tongue:

Also a special function where Raining Blood by Slayer is triggered exactly 32 seconds before the the last interval of the set, so that the riff kicks in just as the interval starts please? (I usually have this lined up myself for the end of the ramp test…)


Avenged sevenfold and a little hatebreed can put a little pep in your pedal stroke :joy:

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Well this is poorly timed


People listen to music OTHER than metal? :man_shrugging:

Who wants to listen to a service that doesn’t carry Neil Young?


Alternate Feature Request: Apple Music controls inside TR app.



Something tell me most of the work to do one music service should be a large amount of the work needed to swap to some other music service.

If it has Rogan in the name can it swap it to play something factual instead?

Spotify was, and will continue to be terrible before (and after) Joe Rogan. But, everyone uses it, so I get it. More to the subject, having some sort of curated playlist based on energy system targets has the potential to be super cool.

I agree, but getting rights to music is hard along with people agreeing on what music they want. So if tr could just switch between music sources depending on the energy sources it allows people to come up with their own lists. I’m assuming people could share them in the forum.

This assumes a music source is configured as the API provider (Spotify, apple music, etc) and the identifier of the playlist to play.

I personally have no interest in listening to music I don’t know / haven’t picked myself when I train indoors.

Back when I belonged to a training center, I always brought in my own motivating (to me) music and used headphones vs. what they played in the studio. Last thing I want is to be suffering on the bike being forced to listen to music I don’t like.

I have the same playlist that I have been using for literally almost 20 years…but I also would not want to subject anyone else to it, either. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Your cassette player still works? Do you bring a pencil with you to rewind after the session is over? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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8-track for endless play :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, please…I was an early adopter! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The company unveiled the first version of its handheld music player to the world on Oct. 23, 2001,

Apple released the first iPod 20 years ago : NPR.

But now that you mention it, I suppose the origin of my playlist is now over 25 years old…:scream:

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I start a new Pandora channel every year with a new song selection, but I doubt the music varies much by the end of the year. I have never used SPotify.

I have plenty of music on my Google account (after the bastards shut down Google Music) and I can just download the music I want to hear to my phone. Most of the pop music, to me, sucks. The current trend of auto tuning everything is absolutely grating to me and will literally make me angry. I started yelling at the climbing gym about how bad the music sucked a couple weeks ago. SO yeah, I don’t want other peoples music forced on me. I wear headphones and self selected music.

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I thought all the cool kats were abandoning their Spotify accounts this week? :wink:

Not me, it’s my sole source of music nowadays.